No bearings in the slurry = Unmatched reliability
Significantly reduced stirring times = Save time & fuel – Money
No stationary framework to stop crust moving
Choice of 3 impellers to match your power
Customisable from 3m to 8m*

Optional leg for protecting lined lagoons

  • The tube rotates in two grease lubricated ball bearings which are not submerged in the slurry.
  • The tube’s auger slices thick weedy crust, allowing it to pass, unimpeded, to the impeller. This saves hours of time when mixing lagoons.
  • No vulnerable end bearing to regularly fail
  • The Mixit design is unaffected by string, wire and weed
  • Highest thrust impellers in the industry. The unique two stage design does not cavitate and produces a lump free slurry ideal for trouble free pumping
  • The impellor slides off the square drive (when the R clip and pin are removed) allowing quick removal. This allows you to change impeller size in one minute. 80 to 200hp versions
  • The frame has been carefully designed to make hydraulic top links unnecessary in most slurry stores. Furthermore, PTO joints will remain equally bent throughout working depths
  • All machines are supplied with Walterscheid star tube PTO shafts. The tube has 1 3⁄4” drive

200HP+LAGOON Stirrer

  • This stirrer is designed for Farmers and Contractors with powerful tractors, larger lagoons and not much time.
  • This Mixit stirrer uses our largest HL3 impeller with thicker blades providing unrivalled performance.
  • Stirring times are significantly reduced. All the advantages of the Mixit stirrer’s design are present.
  • The standard machine is 22ft/66m long, has the Walterscheid 2600 very heavy duty PTO shaft. Lengths above 22ft can be supplied.

MIXIT Extension Frame

  • This Mixit extension allows you to increase the length of a Mixit stirrer by 2.7 metres. It comes complete with a Walterscheid 2500 star tube PTO, hydraulic top link and ready to work.
  • The extension is designed to bend the PTO joints equally so joint life is optimised and smooth power transmission is guaranteed.
  • For reliability the splines fitted each end of the drive shaft are 1 3/4”
  • The extension is most useful in deep lagoons
  • Four universal joints maximises PTO shaft life

MIXIT Liner Leg

  • Lengths matched to any stirrer
  • Optional liner leg is removable
  • Retrofittable to existing machines

Under-Slat Stirrer

  • It is typically 4ms/14ft long and only weighs 150kg. It will outperform the complicated, expensive pumps presently used to mix under slats. It is significantly faster and gives you lump free slurry in both lagoons and under-slats.
  • Additionally a short stirrer can be combined with the 2.7 metre extension frame for dual purpose stirring (see above).
  • The auger will significantly reduce mixing times with tanks that use dividing walls. The crust can pass, unimpeded by framework, to the impeller.

Why Mixit?

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