• The impellor’s square section boss slides onto the tube’s square drive. Cavitation, caused by too much power for the impellor size, is avoided with the Mixit System by increasing the number of stages and the diameter of the impellor. Circumferential tips focus thrust and increase the amount of crust mixed on each pass by reducing “bouncing off”.
  • With the ability to remove the impellor in one minute without tools, impellors can be quickly exchanged for the changing conditions. Stock designs are interchangeable and will deliver between 60 – 200hp+. 1000rpm can be used to slice through fibrous crust.


  • If crusts or solids are present the auger allows the tube to drop freely through them to reach the liquid below so the impellor can start working. Additionally, when the crust starts to circulate, it can pass the tube unimpeded by the stationary framework found with conventional stirrers thus reducing mixing times and fuel consumption. Whilst stirring the tube can be manoeuvred sideways through thick stationary crusts allowing them to be sliced for quicker stirring.


  • Mixit tubes are made to our specification and easily mix the thin and thick crusts encountered. They have enough flexibility to absorb the shock loads from weedy hard lumps, stray tyres, dead animals etc.


  • The large bearings have an average life of eight years.
  • The bearings are mounted on tapered sleeves ensuring easy dismantling and a fret free fit between the tube and bearing. There are no unreliable, damaging grub screws.

Frame Work

  • The frame is galvanised and uses cat 2 attachments. The frames box section provides a safe and convenient way of mounting the large bearings.


  • Agricultural machines use the 6 spline 1 ¾” drive to be strong enough for the high power requirement of the impellors and to cope with the use (abuse) most machines encounter.
  • Walterscheid 2500 series PTO shafts are supplied as standard. They come with shearbolts or with an auto reset version that can be reset by slowing the PTO drive.
  • Any form of drive can be used. The tube can have plugs inserted in the tube or taperlock drives mounted on the tube’s outside diameter.

Why Mixit?

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