No bearings in the slurry = Unmatched reliability
Significantly reduced stirring times = Save time & fuel – Money
No stationary framework to stop crust moving
Choice of 3 impellers to match your power
Simple design
= Easy to maintain
Unique auger & impeller
= Pulverised crust & lump free slurry
Lowest cost ownership
= affordable, simple, reliable

MIXIT stirrers were developed because the traditional machines were found to be:

  • Slow, inefficient, difficult to maintain and not very effective in anything but runny slurry
  • Their submerged bearings regularly fail.
  • Most of their drive shafts are incapable of delivering much power without failing and the impellors are restricted to a size that cavitate (making them erode and even less efficient).
  • Stationary framework makes it difficult to penetrate thick crusts and when crusts do try to circulate they are blocked by the frame work.

Mixit Stirrers do not have these limitations.

MIXIT advantages:

  • The conventional drive shaft running in a supporting frame is replaced by a rotating tube. The strong tube rotates in two grease lubricated bearings; on a tractor mounted frame, clear of the slurry, so no longer requires an end bearing running in the liquid.
  • With no submerged bearings straw, string, wire or any aggressive material can be mixed without bearing failure.
  • Cavitation is not a problem as the tube allows the impeller to be any size and have two stages.
  • An auger is fixed to the rotating tube so the Mixit stirrer will drop through any crust to reach the liquid. This combination slices the approaching crust so offers no resistance, unlike conventional stirrers with stationary frames.
  • The design and construction is simple. All parts are designed to be easily serviced.
  • The innovative features of these machines have been tried and tested by farmers and contractors since 1988 and the design has been proven to be exceptionally reliable.
  • Many 30 year old stirrers are still in service.
  • Significantly improved mixing of the slurry and crust gives you trouble free pumping and application (spreading, injecting, incorporating)

Tube & Auger

Lagoon &
Under Slat